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0 #1 About PB CornersChristopher Soltis 2017-05-31 04:44
Dear Peter and Bogi, as this year's school swimming season concludes, I would like to take a moment to say thank you. Over the past year, our three girls have shown significant and dramatic improvement in both their technique and times, culminating in impressive performances at their end of year swim competitions . I can honestly state that the improvements I see in their form are directly related to the time and personal attention that Peter and his staff applied over the past year. The quality of your instruction is excellent. I am most impressed with the time spent in the water with our daughters, providing hands on instruction and correcting form to produce high-quality, high intensity practice and improvement.
I can unhesitatingly recommend PBCorners to any swimmer in the greater Bangkok region who is looking to improve times, understand the science behind swimming, and perhaps most importantly, improve form and technique so that practice results in happier, faster swimmers.

Most sincerely,

Christopher B. Soltis, MD
COL, MC, U.S. Army

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