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PB Corners was established in 2009 by a Hungarian couple, both engaged in sports, recreation, gymnastics and teaching at a highly professional level. We implement key aspects of Hungary's own sports and education system which makes the country unique and highly successful in the World Championships and the Olympic Games in Gymnastics and Swimming. The founders, Boglarka Majercsik and Peter Cseri are both qualified in Physical Education, hold M.Sc. degrees, and have more than 12 years teaching experiences.

The significance of the company's teaching method lies in the thoroughly developed level system of 10+1 levels which was built upon Hungarian and Australian roots and was made by the founders. Using this level system makes the evaluation and teaching process easier furthermore, it takes into consideration the children's own level and abilities. In addition to that, due to the staff's previous experiences and studies of psychology and pedagogy, the teachers get along very well with children of all ages and levels of ability.

Besides the company’s founders, the staff at PB corners are also qualified and experienced as physical educators, swimming teachers and regularly attend training sessions and workshops with the aim of maintaining and developing their teaching skills. PB Corners offers artistic gymnastics and swimming classes from the age of 6 months up to adult lessons. Moreover, the company also provides Physical Education to International Schools and Kindergartens as part of their curriculum. As a result, students that are learning swimming and gymnastics at the company regularly end up in the swimming squad or the gymnastics team of their schools due to the high development in a rather short period of time. PB Corners is currently cooperating with twelve International Schools all over Bangkok.